Reverb: 5 Minutes.

Prompt: Imagine that in you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. What you would want to remember. Set an alarm and write for five minutes.

Basically here is what I wrote in my five minutes tonight.

- My nephew
- The music I listened to.
- The photos I took
- Peru
- Kingston
- That one night
- That other night
- Getting a hug from Charles Spearin
- That night at the Triple Door
- Seeing John Roderick
- Rasberry wheat beer is gross
- Being happy for a change
- How to fix things the things I learned to fix
- Breakfast for Champions
- Rifflandia
- Sasquatch
- I get sea sickness
- How to make caramelized banana, apple, and rye topping for pancakes
- My new zombie escape plan
- Truck Spank