Day 14: Rush.

There is a certain rush you get when you are acknowledged by your peers. I think that is the rush I've gotten the most this year.

I've never really considered myself much of a writer and I'm damn sure you don't either. I have terrible grammar, I spell things wrong all the time, and my writing self deprecating. I never started writing to be a writer. I actually started writing to work on a screenplay and get something and/or someone out of my system. I just kept at it because I thought maybe people would read about what I had to say about my life. It wasn't until the recently I noticed any kind of pay off to all my work. I've been getting more traffic, I've been complimented on my prose several times, and been had some really cool offers come my way (information on the latter to come in the next few weeks).

I also never thought I would be considered a "good" photographer, but wouldn't you know it some people think I am.

That is the best rush I get out there. The feeling of finally getting appreciation for something you truly love doing.