Day 12: Food.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. Even when it is at 2PM.

In the last year I've been going to Cabin 12 a lot for breakfast. Sure we shake up by going to different breakfast places ever once in a while, but The Cabin just feels like home. The staff is awesome, the food is great, and I like to run with the underdog.

The Cabin is run and owned by former cooks from Floyd's. It was touch and go when they first opened not knowing if they would be able to stay open. There were bills and drama like when someone smashed the front window of the store and they couldn't afford to fix it. People from all over Victoria donated to help fix the window. It even got to a point where they had to turn away donations because the window was fixed. During last winter the doors shut for almost a whole month when the Cabin could barely stay afloat. Corey (the owner) wrote about it on his Facebook page. Eventually they opened the doors again for a "Save The Cabin" bash. French Toast by donation. I payed $50 for French Toast that day and I never regretted it.

Now the Cabin is my go to breakfast/lunch destination whenever I'm in town. They know how much booze I like in my coffee and the food I like. They are the type of people I want to see be successful, because frankly they deserve it.