Day 9: The Challenge.

Coming up with a challenge I've faced and overcome in the last year has been well challenging. As you can tell I haven't posted/written anything in the last few days partially because I was stumped, not around my computer, and I had a feeling of hopelessness after leaving a meeting on Thursday morning. I'm back to a functioning 75% of normal Tyson-ness because of a few things that have come up lately. Drinking at the pub with friends, hanging out with my parents dog last night, and going to the mall with Brian today.

So here is my lackluster challenge that I faced this year and I know it isn't much. I got the feeling that I don't challenge myself all that much after reading last years post on the same topic.

This year I've faced some pretty awful writer's block. There were days, weeks, and months where I didn't commit a word to paper or to this. It's something I wrestle with from time to time. It always seems to come in waves of non-creative thoughts. Sometimes I think it is the worst thing to be cursed with but most of the time I think the worst thing I deal with is procrastination.

I haven't beat either writer's block or procrastination. They are my ongoing challenge that one day I hope to beat.