Day 11: Best Place.

Right now you might be thinking "Day 11? Did he skip day 10?" I sure did. Don't worry though I'm going to be putting it up in a day or two. It is just difficult to ask a music snob what his favourite album that came out in 2010 is. It's coming.

There is no simple answer for the best place I was in 2010, but I'm going to answer it with something fresh. Not somewhere in Peru, Seattle, or Victoria.

One place I love to go every year is to the Sasquatch Music Festival. I love everything about it. The drive, the music, the food, the laughs, the people, and the camping. This year we decided to spend the extra coin on the premiere camping and it was the best decision we ever made. We convoyed down with a bunch of people and made a super big camp site. A mini tent city/refugee camp sprawled out between cars, tarps, and empty beer bottles.

This year we decided to cook big meals and feed everyone we could in our little site. By the end of it we were feeding strangers with pancakes topped with caramelized apples, bananas, and rye for good measure. Big breakfast fry-ups and "riot punch" brought everyone together at least once a day at the campsite. By the end it felt like we were a family more than just friends.

It always makes me sad to leave Sasquatch because it is some of the most fun I have all year, but I always know I'll be back next year.