Shorts and a Hoodie.

I'm the worst at dressing appropriately for the weather.

Yesterday I had an eye exam so I had to actually wear clothes that aren't pajamas and and a housecoat. I base all my decisions of how I'm going to dress on how it looks when I look out my kitchen window. Usually it means I wear one of my flannel shirts and a hoodie. So yesterday when I looked out the window and decided "it looks cold"  I decided to put on my big heavy Carhart jacket.

When I first left my house I knew I made the right decision. I was warm and it was cold outside. Well that was until I got out of the shadow of Dean Park and the sun could get to me. Pretty soon I was sweating. You shouldn't sweat on a cold day I'm pretty sure that is how you get hypothermia. I'm not a scientist so don't take my word for it.

Usually rain or shine I'm wearing a t-shirt, flannel shirt, and a hoodie. It is kind of like my uniform of stupidity. I will wear it in the rain and complain I didn't bring my rain jacket and the same goes for sunny days. I will complain that I'm too warm and not do anything to fix it. It is supposed to snow in Victoria tonight you know what I will wear when I go out tonight? You guessed it a t-shirt, flannel shirt, and a hoodie. At least I have layering down.

I'm also that guy who wears shorts all year round. When I first moved to the Island from Winnipeg I wore shorts for the first 365 days I lived here.

So Victorians if you see a fat bearded guy dressed in a hoodie, flannel shirt, shorts, and a Vans Slip On shoes this weekend cursing at the weather because he is under dressed say "Hi."

It is probably me.