Nights Filled With Longer Hours.

I need to get motivated. It is too easy to sit around and do nothing all day.

That is exactly what I've done for the last couple weeks and I'm at a stage beyond boredom. I'm sure the isolation of living in the country without a vehicle doesn't help either. It makes it a little harder to escape my place and head when there is a one and a half kilometer walk just to get to a bus stop and another 45 minutes on bus to get downtown. What do I do when I get down there? Most of my friends work all day and I can't afford to sit at coffee shops all day.

I've had the worst writers block I've had in years recently. That sort of explains the lack of entries I hope. It isn't like I've had nothing to talk about I just can't get it out of me and onto the internet. Things like the Ozzy Osbourne concert, becoming an ordained minister, my sister and Dalix coming to visit next week,  or the movies I've gone to. Fall is usually a fairly inspiring season for me it seems to be the one season I get stuff done and enjoy.

It gets really dark out here on the west coast at night. At 5pm lately it seems to be pitch black and that seems to prevent me from leaving the house. When it is dark I feel like I should be curled up on the couch with the warm glow of the fire with the cold glow of the television entertaining me. It being dark also screws with my internal clock. When it is so dark I think it should be 9pm and I should be in my pajamas getting ready for bed. The trick is just to stay in your pajamas all day it seems.

Okay, this has no direction right now just like me.