Late Night Thoughts.

There is a certain type of person who can tolerate driving around several drunk middle aged people.

Insert me.

I willing volunteered to drive my parents and their friends to and from a Halloween party at a Legion 45 minutes away each way from their house. You know because I'm twenty-four years old and have nothing better to do on the Friday before Halloween. I have no problem being a designated driver for them I know I'm going to make a few shekels and I know that this way there is no chance of one of them drinking and driving. I can handle the off key singing of my parents friends, the jokes that I'll never hear the punchline to because they are being cut off by other drunks in the car, and being told the way I'm driving them home the wrong way. In response to the latter there are only 3 ways to get back to the Peninsula and they all take roughly the same amount of time at one in the morning.

None of that really bugs me. Well it irritates me a little but not as much as my down time between drop off and pick up later. I'm driving through downtown Victoria and it seems like all the people my age are out and about having "Adult Halloween." You know the Halloween I'm talking about. It is the one where every one is drunk and every girls costume is "Sexy Something," "Sassy Whatever," or my favourite "Sex Doesn't Look Anything Like What Profession it is Supposed to Be." The Bros are well for the lack of better word "bro-ing" it up (I'm sure I saw someone pissing in Jason's doorway again).

Is it wrong that I feel like I missed out on "Adult Halloween?"

I went from "Kid Halloween" to "Teenager Halloween" pretty smoothly. I just replaced the candy and costumes with fireworks and Wildcat beer. When I hit my twenties that didn't seem fun anymore. I went to one "Adult Halloween" house party a few years ago and I was so bored the only way I think I could have made it fun was a frontal lobotomy. So where are all the sexy co-eds like in the movies? I know they usually get murdered in the movies but I know the funny fat guy doesn't die till late in the second act. Plenty of time to score or almost score and take an axe to the cranium.

Am I missing out by not going out and partying all night with people I don't know? It has never really been my scene but it is Halloween and that means you can basically pretend to be someone or something you are not. Or should I just figure it out and do something completely different? Maybe go to a corn maze, watch a scary movie, or get high and watch Treehouse of Terror.

Originally I was just going to bitch about being a designated driver but that changed pretty fast it looks like. Clearly I had something else on my mind once I started typing.

Merry Halloween.