Youth in Revolt.

What is more awkward than a movie with Michael Cera? A movie with two Michael Cera’s.

After an interesting night of going to the wrong movie theatre, sitting in the wrong theatre, and having our truck broken into I had a privilege of seeing a advanced screening of Michael Cera’s  new flick ‘Youth in Revolt.

Despite what I thought the movie was going to be like it was actually quite funny. At points the entire theatre was laughing so loud we were missing more jokes. Yes the film had awkward moments what kind of Michael Cera movie would it be without them. In fact it starts with a big one him masturbating in his bed.

My problem is Cera is 21 now and yet he keeps playing 16 year old virgins. He is a great actor and I feel like he is being pigeon holed to play George Michael from Arrested Development. I personally would like to see him play a role closer to his age and that isn’t so much like all his other roles.

The other stars in the movie almost steal the film from Cera. It seems like everyone loves Zach Galifianakis post Hangover despite his years of great standup. Ray Liotta always cracks me up in his comedic roles were he tries to play the some kind of cop. Justin Long isn’t a Mac but he is high on mushrooms. The show stealer for me was one of my favourite actors Steve Buscemi kicking at a car window in his socks leaving foot marks on the window for the entire scene.

If you want to see this movie than go see it and if you don’t than don’t. That is all i've got.