Tyson's Tirades: #1

Well the short holiday break is over so it is back to work and the internet.

There is a growing trend on the internet that I'm finding stress inducing and that is the growing amount of spelling and grammar Nazis out there. I admit I am not the greatest at either but do I need to constantly reminded of this fact every time I do something on the internet?

Twitter is an application I use on a daily basis to fulfill my sense of personal self importance but if I make one mistake spelling a band name I hear about it from seven people. I’ll let you know my secret almost every one of my updates from 8am to 5pm is done without looking at what buttons I’m pressing on my Blackberry. Obviously I don’t care that much about the words I put up otherwise I would be looking and hoping it autocorrects to the right word.

It's a hell of a lot different if I write something on my site and you notice something is spelled wrong. Then message me or email me to let me know there is an error. Usually I'm pretty thankful when someone gives me the heads up so I feel less like an idiot. I’m also pretty appreciative of constructive criticisms, and pointers as long as it is good intentioned. Not some condescending side note of some asshole who thinks that they are more important than everyone else because they are university dropout.

The internet is full of people who are far worse then I at spelling and grammar. Think of L33T speak, and all those abbreviations that are slipping into everyday language. So try to eradicate those little obstacles that are destroying society as we know it. But I guess I’m just easier to educate than a bunch of fourteen year old girls.

Is it really worth correcting every spelling mistake and grammar error? I don’t think so it seems like a waste of time to me. It is okay to remind people that it is you’re not your every once in a while but don’t make it your mission in life. If you really want to be better than someone go out there and prove it where it counts out in the real world and not the internet.