The Depressed Octopus.

I really think there is something wrong when I'm at an aquarium and a 12 year old girl is working there and telling me about erectile dysfunction and depression.

Granted these things had to do with an octopus that is soon going to be sushi at some shitty sushi bar in East Van but I find it a little weird. I seriously thought this little girl was going to say "the octopus is sad because he can't get his fuck on."

Who ever is training these children for slave labour in our nations aquariums can't simply just tell the kids the octopus is sad because he has never mated? That wouldn't bug me as much as a little girl telling me an octopus couldn't get a boner.

This whole conversation started when I asked was if I could put my water proof camera in the tank (which had no octopus) to get a picture.