Everyone keeps talking about how wonderful their summer was to me, but I didn’t really do much this summer other then work. With half of the province on fire at any given time it keeps us hopping.

But I’m tired of hearing about people talking about how awesome their summer was and telling me about their amazing vacation to wherever and how many girls they made out with. September is going to be my month.  Here is a little bit of a timeline for the weeks to come.

September 5th thru 7th  - Taking photos at the Saanich Fair and hanging out with The Q! people.
September 8thMarilyn Manson.
September 11th and 12th  - Great Canadian Beer Festival.
September 13th thru 16th  - Heading to Seattle with Darryl
September 15thPorcupine Tree at The Moore in Seattle.
September 24th thru 27th  - Rifflandia Music Festival.

Busy weeks and days ahead.