'Tis The Season.

It’s pay day! And like any responsible adult I went out to buy some groceries to hopefully last more then a few days at my local supermarket.

When I was going to grab some 1% milk for my cereal I eat once in a while for breakfast (or dinner) I noticed something out of place. No it wasn’t the soy milk or the chocolate milk we’ve become so accustom to or the rare treat of strawberry milk. It was Egg Nog.

Egg Nog? You have to be kidding me!
It is barely the last day in September and there is already an extremely seasonal beverage on the shelf. If it was on the shelf the Day after Halloween I’d have absolutely no problem with it as that is when all the other Christmas shit gets rolled out but we aren’t even to that holiday yet.

There was also barely any Halloween stuff around the store which confused me after seeing egg nog. I did however search the store for other signs of Christmas like candy canes, advent calendars and Santa Claus but didn’t prevail.

Keeping in mind this idea of selling holiday stuff so early before the holiday season will we see Valentine’s Day stuff in December or Canada Day stuff around Easter? We are already getting closer to seeing Easter all year as Shayne informed me they sell Mini-Eggs all year round now.

I thought the idea behind seasonal products was to well be seasonal.
Clearly that isn’t the case in 2009. My predictions for years to come is that we will be able to dye eggs in July, be patriotic in November, and be thankful all year round not just at harvest.

Heck we can keep that menorah burning for all 365 days instead and not just those 8 boring days in December.

My point is who the hell wants to drink egg nog in September? Isn’t anything sacred?  Sacred like getting drunk on egg nog at your parents house so you forget all your family problems for at least one day.