The Tourist.

Weaving between fish mongers and fruit merchants I’m flagged down by two locals. Clearly I’ve been spotted for what I am another tourist in another tourist trap. I am caught off guard and pulled from my thoughts to answer a question.

You like hip-hop?
Ah yeah? I guess…” I bumble out. To confused by why I got asked this strange question in a foreign land.
I could by your t-shirt. It’s pretty neat.”
Um... sure I guess so. Why else would I buy a shirt?

My shirt isn’t a hip-hop shirt. It isn’t advertising Run DMC, K-OS, or NWA. It’s a plain blue shirt with some kind of funky jazzed up Aztec drawing some designer at Old Navy thought would be hip.

Can I free style for you?” says one of the guys in some kind of traditional Peruvian knit hat.
And if you like what you hear you can buy his album” chimes in the bigger and more intimidating of the two.
Sure…shoot,” I’m not going to lie I’m nervous. This shit is a little to weird and a little to shady to be going down in a farmers market.

With a clear of his throat this guy starts spitting rhymes right there amongst crappy tourist novelties, papaya, and fish that didn’t smell all that ripe.

I am floored. This guy is spectacular. After he finishes He introduces himself as Rajnii Eddins and his bigger more intimidating friend Greg. We get to chit chatting about the piece he had performed and about some of the turmoil of being an independent artist. I end up picking up his disc of his Greg who is a genuinely appreciative of me for giving my time and money to hear his friend Rajnii. Apparently it doesn’t happen often.

There is something to be said about getting your music heard this way. If you are passionate about your craft I’m sure you will do anything to share it and eventually you will be rewarded with a captive audience.