Ironic Pink T-Shirt.

There is an elephant in the room I'm just not ready to address or willing to make common knowledge so it kind of put a hold on some things.

Last night I picked up my wristband for Rifflandia. I'm officially freelance now. I will be covering Rifflandia with my photos this week, and I can't be more excited. Expect to see some blogs about the festival along with loads of pictures once the festival gets going.

That is if I'm concious enough for anything other then work and live music.

I'm also house sitting which makes blogging infrequent due to the fact the computer here sucks also Buddy and I usually "Down at the Park" (Gary Newman song covered by the Foo).

I still have two things to put up about Seattle. One about me being an approachable person for the homeless and the other about my crippling fear of heights and Porcupine Tree.

Till I get around a computer.