A slight hangover.

As anyone can tell you I’m a well know procrastinator when it comes to doing my own things. Tomorrow I leave for Seattle but I still haven’t gotten any American money, done my laundry, washed my dishes, or packed my bag.

Instead yesterday I went to Great Canadian Beer Festival, where drunk me came out to play. My friends refer to him as @tysonelder. Apparently I become friendly, happy, and talkative this is the complete opposite of normal me. It’s like a Dr.Jerkyl / Mr.Hyde situation.

Okay took a break there forgot what I was writing about, but now my dirty laundry in the wash.

Tomorrow morning we are catching the 8am boat to the mainland and then a bus to Seattle. I don’t want to be up early packing my bags so instead of doing it now I’m going to go to Beerfest again.