The day without Twitter.

Today twitter was taken down by North Korean Hackers (terrorists) leaving us cut off from the rest of the world and important pop culture moments. I didn't find out till hours after it happened that the late great John Hughes had passed away or how many poops someone had taken.

 I couldn't share my quirky jokes with complete strangers and robots instead I was forced to text message real people with my thoughts and ideas. Which is really awkward.

I saved a few of the tweets you would have missed today. So here they are.

On twitter being down.

"How else am I going to express my loneliness, chronic alcoholism, and Simpson's quotes."

"Breaking News: People couldn't talk about Michael Jackson, pooping or how sad they are for 3hrs."

"I need to get onto Twitter so I can complain about Twitter being down. Dammit!"

"Maybe it is time to go back to Myspace they never go down. But do suck a lot more."

"A day without Twitter is surprisingly productive and boring."

On other things:

"I always wanted to do it but I lack those things. What are they called? Testicles?"

"One day I'll do it after I accomplish my goal of punching a whale in the face."

There you have it. It can't be unread.