Cat's out of the bag.

I guess the news is out.

If you listen to Jeremy Baker’s podcast Capital Rock City in his last installment he let the world know I’m in the works of putting together a live version. It’s been on mind a fair bit over the last few months, and I finally pitched the idea to Jer last week when I was at the radio station.

It looks like I might have a venue lined up. Hoping for a mid afternoon/early evening show so the venue can still serve food/drink and what not.

I’m hoping we can line up three bands/musicians to play some of their songs acoustically with some interviews in between. I think it would be really interesting to see what this would turn out like.  

So I need to line up equipment, stuff for recording it, someone to operate the sound board, get posters made, and the list goes on. Shows aren’t easy to do I know that. That’s why it could take a month or so to get this going.

Do we charge? We will need to cover some costs.

Trust me there will be many updates along the way. Till then do yourself a favour download Jeremy’s podcast.