Thoughts on a Thursday night.

I am forever brainstorming ideas and projects. Very few ever see the light of day. There are stacks of notebooks and scraps of paper all over my place with scripts, ideas, stories, and much more lying around.

The most prevalent is thesidneyproject. A project that has gone through many phases from being short films shot in Sidney at 3am, a media collective, an online magazine, and somewhere where I can dump some travel stories. It's come close to having the ground work complete several times, but one or two of the people in the development process loose interest. I think this is the one I will keep returning to the most.

There is also another project that I've been working on in the wee hours of the morning. It actually isn't really anything much to do with me, but more of a promoting and organizing of it. The people I'd have to talk to about it I haven't even told yet. I'm waiting for the opportune moment to pitch it. I would also like to have everything semi-ironed out before the pitch.

I've also wanted to put a podcast together since my days as a volunteer at The Zone with Shayne. Later Darryl wanted to join in to make it STDcast (Shayne, Tyson, Darryl. Get it? It's catchy!). I'd like to get "Breakfast for Champions" up and running again a podcast recorded during breakfast with Shayne and Rozie. One day I will get a podcast going.

I'm a none procrastinator when it comes to my own things. Even though I believe if you want to make a name for yourself you have to do it on your own. No one is going to give you a hand out (unless your parents are rich or you suck some dick).

So I plan on getting things done for myself in the near future. I feel like my life right now is in my job and that is never where I really saw myself. I feel like if you do something for yourself you begin to see the rewards and people start to notice your accomplishments more. I think I can only put off these projects that I've been dreaming up over the last few years for so long before they get added to the pile of things "I should have done."

First thing I need to do for myself is clean my place.