Incoherent double talk.

I like the idea of being known. It is a great concept. I like the fact that friends, family, and complete strangers know me. But last night it kind of bugged me.

I was at the pub in Sidney to trying to see Pupshaw, Acres of Lions, and Immaculate Machine play an amazing show and people kept sitting down at our table and being "Tyson how are you?" Or "You don't know me but I know you..."

It seems people in Sidney seem to  know me for a reputation I never seemed to think I had. To be clear I still don't even know what it is but it may or may not be a good one. This one guy told me he knew my sister and said he had heard that I was an asshole. A nice young lady knew more then one of my ex girlfriends and assumed I was an asshole because of what my ex said. She also knew my preferred sexual position and every orifices I had penetrated on a certain ex in the course of our relationship.

There were a few people at the pub last night who knew me for good reasons but I didn't know who they were (Eventually I put the pieces together though). They were happy that had a good job, knew at one point I worked for The Zone, and that I was a good person. They also thought I had succeeded in life which is weird because I don't think that.

The idea of being known is great but I don't know if I like it anymore. We all dream of being a "name" but what if it's a bad one due to a bad reputation created by someone who spites you.

**Note I got to drunk to properly write what I was thinking. Six deep and not eating since 9:30 am
never a good idea.