Day off adventures.

The first word I uttered to myself on Monday morning was I looked out the window at the grey miserable looking sky was "fuck." It took a long time to come out too, and I realized I talk to myself way to much now that I've been living by myself for the last year and a half or so. Is that normal?

So I gather my stuff together for the days adventure, and spend the next hour and a half watching "The Great Outdoors." Darryl had offered me a ride to Langford on his way to work which was awesome because I didn't have to bus to town. We hit up the Red Barn Market on West Saanich grab some breakfast, coffee, and treats for the day then it is off to Langford to meet up with Shaynebow and Rozie.

The first words thing I said to Shayne when he walked into Tim Hortons was "One of us has to go home and change." We were both wearing our Rocktopus shirts, and were the the subject of many gay jokes by Rozie through out the day. We drank our coffees they ate their donuts and it was off on our adventure.

Originally the plan was to "giv'r on the river" in Cowichan. Which involves a few Lucky Lagers, inner tubes and floating down a river for two and a half hours. Now with the weather threatening to piss down on us we had to come up with a new plan. Rozie started driving north up the Malahat.

Eventually we pulled into Parksville where we broke the "No letting Shayne play mini golf" rule. It's okay he lost. I feel like mini golf brings out the best in everyone. You ignore the rules and signs that tell you them. Like " No Cussin' " which we took to heart by swearing like sailors for the entire game. Also "No Climbin' " was another rule which Rozie broke to make a topical joke. She was on a boat, bitch!

After mini golf we headed up to Coombs to not look at goats on the roof. By the time we got up there it was shitting down and packed full of tourists. Fucking tourists. We looked at adventure hats (well Shayne did) and funny toques shaped like animals. Eventually we ditched out of Coombs because of the shitty weather and the tourists. It's a shame we didn't look around more we missed out on a 6ft tall ridable cock.

Then we hit up a French cafe in Nanaimo, and a record store where I bought nothing. Amazing right? We then headed for home. Shayne slept the whole way back. We took the Mill Bay ferry and then I was home.

Adventure done. I hope you enjoyed my boring recap.