A Quick Note

"I'm not feeling alright today
I'm not feeling that great
I'm not catching on fire today
Love has started to fade" 
Cake - "Sheep go to heaven"

When I relaunched my blog I decided that I wasn't going to talk about a few things. The main one being disputes with family and friends. I plan on staying true to that so that is why I'm kind of laying low from the blogging thing right now.

You have to remember when you have a blog on an open forum like the internet that someone is ALWAYS going to find it. I know I have family members who read my blog even though I'd rather them not and same goes with other people from my life.

When I write I don't want people think i'm an asshole (more then normal). I don't want to bash people and have it blow up in my face. Even when I'm as fed up and as pissed off as I am today I'm not not going to shoot myself in the foot.

From the desk of Tyson Elder.
Dictated not read.