Beating the Heat.

Victoria is breaking heat wave records all over the place. Take that 1972!

One thing I've been noticing during this freakishly hot weekis that everyone Is complaining that they aren't sleeping well. Everywhere you turn there is some blogger, newspaper journalist, or television anchor who are self proclaimed "Coolologists."

What is a "Coolologist?"
Well they are people who claim to know the secrets of keeping cool when your balls are literally sweating off your body. With quirky tips like put ice cubes in front of a fan (ghetto air conditioner) or closing all your doors and windows then blocking any sunlight from coming in (the simplest solution).

My solution to to not sleeping in the heat is a little more abstract. Go to an indie rock show in a poorly air conditioned Pilipino Cultural Centre and not go home till 1am. If you normally go to bed at 9:30pm this will throw you through a loop and you will fall asleep almost as soon as your head hits the pillow.

This is really a round about way to saying I saw an awesome and quaint indie rock show last night (July 29th, 2009). My friends Pupshaw (formerly Dock Currie) were the second act of a three and rocked the Pilipino Cultural Centre for about twenty five minutes. Despite a few technical problems they played to tens to fifteens of people who all seemed to enjoy the show even in the heat.

Small venues turn into sweat lodges fast and this attracts the odd meth addict who smokes up in the ladies room.
But what is a rock show with out methamphetamines.

The band Pupshaw is what happens when smart people and genuine music fans make music. Something different that everyone seems to really enjoy.

Pupshaw is playing on July 31st at the Charles Dickens Pub in Sidney with Acres of Lions and Immaculate Machine. It's free and starts at 9pm.