Discovering "New" Old Music.

Part Four: Strange Days.

I’m a believer of every terrible experience in your life there is something positive that comes out of it. For some people when they come out of a relationship with experiences, good memories and for very few friendship. I came out with The Doors.

I thought I was in love and I probably was in it at one point but she loved Jim Morrison and The Doors. Over the time we were together I also grew to really love them too and when things went south I grabbed onto one thing to hold on to.

The thing about dating someone and buying music together is one of you loses it in the end. That poor schmuck was me.

Instead of buying new copies of the albums I’d spend my weekend’s pulling through dusty boxes, thrift stores, and record shops looking for original pressings of all their studio albums. With a serious drain on my income I did it, and came out with many other rarities too. I’d become a collector. I was always searching and succeeding at finding elusive Paris Fan Club pressings of live concerts, bootlegs, poetry books, and many other hard to find vinyl.

Eventually I shifted my resources to other musicians and bands but The Doors were the one I spent the most time with. I still put on my dads copy of “Weird Scenes in the Gold Mine” every once in a while and listen to Jim’s at the time unique poetry.

Fast forward a year or two from when I slowed down on collecting.

It is early October 2007 I’m in backpacking Europe with Rowan and we are in Paris. I’ve planned on one thing for sure while we are here and that is going to Jim Morrison’s grave. We hop on the Metro I pop on “American Prayer” on my Ipod, and we head for Cimetiere Pere Lachaise. Just As we get up to Jim’s grave “Feast of Friends” comes on and I feel an overwhelming sense of closure to that chapter of my life.

We stayed there for a little while and I left all my bullshit feelings of why I originally started to like The Doors there. My memories of heartbreak and the loss of god can stay in a cemetery in France I didn’t and don’t need them anymore.

The Doors are always going to be a band that are close to my heart but not for the reason they used to be. I always loved conspiracy theories.