Discovering "New" Old Music.

Part Three: This ain't the summer of love.

So today I'm wondering what band I'm going to write about while I'm shopping in the Asian food bodega we call a grocery store here. Through out the store you can hear this cheerful sounding elevator music which is pretty typical for most grocery stores but today is different. As I'm deciding whether or not to buy apples or junk food I figured out what was playing. A cowbell-less, saxed up version of Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear The Reaper."

Now I've known of Blue Oyster Cult for a long time but it wasn't until a few years back I picked up a "Best of" that I wanted to hear more of their music. Of course I knew "Don't Fear The Reaper" because of the SNL skit and HIM covered it but I really didn't know much else by them.

So it was off to Turntable to pick up some records and I got to talking to the guys there about the band and they told me some interesting stories from they had heard over the years. I can't really remember much about those stories and that doesn't really matter either. It was at Turntable where they told me about the concert coming up at Bear Mountain Arena with BC/DC.

Just like that I was off to get tickets to the show for myself and a couple friends. When we arrived it was a mixture of people are age and people a hell of a lot older then us. It didn't seem to matter though because once the band started playing everyone was enjoying themselves.

There was a defining moment in the concert where I knew I truly liked this band. They started playing "Godzilla" a big hit by Blue Oyster Cult but in the middle of the song there was a five minute bass solo then what seemed like a 10 minute drum solo. When you are young that kind of blows your mind you don't see things like that at concerts often. To this day Darryl and I still reminisce about that concert which is pretty impressive seen we have been to so many over the years.

I never make a road trip cd with out their song "Burnin' for you" in my opinion one of the best driving songs out there. Plus it's about selling your soul to the Devil to be famous.

Till next weeks installment.