Fire it up.

"You know it's a party when someone dumps in your broken bidet." - D-Rail.

It's finally starting to feel like summer again. Summer means two things to me BBQ's and Hefeweizen so I combined the both of them on Tuesday night.

Originally I planned for a friendly game or two of croquet and some friends over enjoying the country air but it turned into a full fledged bbq. Burgers on the grill, chips and veggies for eating, some salads, and who can forget the beverages.

Brian showed up with a coconut he'd cut the top off with a reciprocal saw to make pina colodas. He forgot to bring a straw and a miniature umbrella for his coconut though. D-Rail showed up with vodka martinis, and everyone else just drank beer, wine, and limeade.

I think the next bbq here needs to involve our badminton net and a bocci set.

My fridge is still 200% fuller then it usually is.