Between sleep and awake.

Today I woke up this morning at 6am stumbled to the bathroom and performed the morning ritual. This little song and dance includes me taking a piss, washing my hands, then washing my face, and brushing my teeth. I then wander back across the hall to my room to get dressed.

I sit down on my bed and put on my socks. I get one on that I remember possibly halfway through the next one and then I'm down for the count till 7:30am. When I wake up I realize I'm still not dressed . I'm just in my boxers with one sock on and the other half on, but I smell coffee. This is unusual because generally I don't make coffee when I wake up I usually get it at the bakery on my way to work.

So here I am with a pot of coffee, a half hour till I have to be at work, not dressed, and no cream. Did I make the coffee? I don't remember.

I pound back a cup of mystery coffee, step in a puddle of water, change my socks, get dressed, and head for work.

I love Saturdays.