Ice-age heat wave.

I often feel that my blood is to thick for the heat (or maybe it's the beard and the extra pounds). But this heat is unbearable. If you don't live in the Greater Victoria area you may not know what I'm talking about. Recently there has been a heat wave on the Peninsula and Island alike Tuesday breaking an all time high for June 2. 32 degrees Celsius. It is fucking to much.

Granted when I was at Sasquatch it was the same temperature if not warmer and I had to pay $6 American for a Powerade it was still tolerable. Maybe because of shorts, sandals, and not having to do any work in the sun with its rays beating down on me.

Now I work in my heavy denim coveralls, sleeveless filthy t-shirt, a sweat soaked ball cap, and do some pretty hard work in the sunshine. Today I took a few hose showers, drank my body weight in water (that's a lot of water), and reapplying sunscreen at least a dozen times. It really sucks the energy out of you. Yesterday I slept from 6PM to 6AM, but that was needed badly.

But you know what I can't complain. Sunshine makes me happy for the most part even when it is trying to peel the skin of my body.