Feed The Soul

Last night there was a wonderful fundraiser for my local food bank.

As some of you might know my Mom runs the Sidney Food Bank. So it is a charity that is close to home and I still help out with when I can afford to donate.

Last night (June 28th, 2009) was the CD release party for "Feed The Soul" at Haro's Pub.

"Feed the Soul" is a collection of very talented local musicians who dedicated their time and talents to recording an album in which the proceeds go to the Sidney Food Bank. The idea was birthed by a local business owner who was holding acoustic nights at his coffee shop in Sidney every Thursday. He then donated the cost for production and pressing of this album.

He also organized the CD Release Party at Haro's Pub in Sidney. Tickets were fifty dollars which included a copy of the CD, dinner, and a night of music by all the artists on the album. Well worth it in my opinion and it was a smashing success with all 225 tickets sold.

I do have a few complaints about it which I won't really get to deep into other then it was really crowded so you couldn't move around lots (to take pictures) and people are real pigs. When it comes to buffet style dinner. Some not leaving food for others or standing there just eating off the buffet for the entire time. But enough of that.

If you are in the Sidney area I recommend you swing by Fresh Cup and pick up your copy of of "Feed The Soul." It is only $15 with proceeds going to the Sidney Food Bank and you get to hear some great local musicians you wouldn't normally get to hear. Also swing by every Thursday for their always enjoyable Acoustic Night.

When I know about how they are going to put the album up for sale online I will pass it on to you.

Remember to help your local food banks. Summer time is an exceedingly difficult season for them as people seem to forget the need for donations is year round not just at Christmas.