Sink or Swim.

I'm not one to believe in conspiracy theories but this one makes to much sense. How else would you sell out 50 back to back concerts in London?

Zombie Jacko doing the Thriller dance I can get behind before I have to decapitate him to prevent a worldwide zombie outbreak.

In other news.

We are sponsored this year for the Build-a-boat race by 100.3 The Q! Who are giving us loads of promotion on the radio.

We had an awesome logo designed for us by our friend Kat.

Local screen printing show Incite/Concyse are printing our t-shirts.

We have a rad boat design that may or may not work. Think electromagnets.

This years team is the same as last years.

Shayne Kaye - Captain (of what I don't know).
Brian Seckel - Foreman/Boy Seaman.
Tyson Elder - Skipper/Lead Mechanical Engineer.

So Canada Day come down to Sidney to cheer us on. We start building at 12pm till 4pm. Then we race at 5pm sharp.

All this takes place at the end of Beacon Ave. Near the waterfront in front of The Pier Hotel.

On a side not I'm going to feather my hair in tribute of Farrah Fawcett.