Discovering "New" Old Music.

Part One: An Introduction.

Remember the first time you listened to Led Zepplin?

Well not the first time heard them but the first time you LISTENED to Led Zepplin. It doesn't have to be Led Zepplin maybe it was the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Supertramp, New Order, The Misfits, or one of countless bands and artists from our parents youth and older.

Remember when you talked to your folks about how radical this band called The Who are? Only to have your dad tells you that has been one of his favourite bands since he was your age.

A few years ago I was one of those scenester indie kids (sans tight pants and thrift store sweaters because let's face it I'm fat) and I prided myself on listening to all this "new" indie rock. I would buy albums not solely based on the music but obscurity. And you know what I enjoyed a majority of the albums, but there were some I didn't. It also bothered me when people started listening to what I was listening to or all of a sudden it was on the radio. That didn't last to long though.

But you can only listen to so much "new" music before you start to wonder what and who inspired the musicians. I didn't have to look far. I inherited my parents record collection. There were many of days and nights of putting on my big headphones and listening to nearly the complete discography of many artists. It opened my eyes some of the amazing and not so amazing artists of the past. These nights spanned genres from rock to new wave to country and back again.

I now didn't feel so isolated with my musical tastes and ideas what good music was. I began looking into and enjoying different things I wouldn't have as little as a year previous. From down tempo techno, pop, rap, instrumental surf rock, and classical.

So over the next few weeks I plan on writing about the "old" music that is and was "new" music to me over the last four years. My first real experience with their music and how it has affected my musical taste now.

Next weeks feature is "The Rolling Stones."