Chased by Ghosts.

"National Anthem of Nowhere" by Apostle of Hustle popped on while my ipod was in shuffle mode and it sent me back to a vivid moment in my history.

To me it doesn't seem that long ago but at the same time it has been since the beginning of October 2007. I was on the road with my friend Rowan. We were riding the rails. Carrying our entire lives in 60L backpacks that seemed to get fuller and fuller of crap we accumulated along the way.

This was Europe.

Well not quite because we were leaving Europe we were on a ferry from Rotterdam to London. It was huge. Movie theatre, bar(s), casino, kids play area, and big common areas near the restaurant. Rowan had been on the Stena Line before so he plopped down at a table with a power port to plug in his laptop and got some chips (French fries we were heading to England). I then grabbed a pint of Boddy and went to explore. I hit play on my ipod to the most recent purchase in Belgium. The new (at that time) Apostle of Hustle album. I leaned over the edge and spied the cargo deck full of huge lorries and regular everyday vehicles.

"National Anthem of Nowhere" came on as I sank back on a bench sheltering me from the strong channel winds and dreamt of England.

It is funny how something as simple as a song can bring you back to an exact moment. It happens to me more times then I can imagine. Sometimes it even happens to me when I'm listening to a podcast I remember being on a train in Switzerland.

It is almost like ghosts from the past that haunt you but in a good way.