My Siberian Sweetheart.


It's not often you fall in love with something that could rip your heart out with its claws. Oh wait isn't that every time anyone falls in love. But what I'm talking about is this two year old Siberian tiger Suzy who currently lives in a Greater Victoria area known as the Highlands.

There is a lot of fuss over this large feline. When David Bennett rescued Suzy from an animal sanctuary and brought her to his property in the Highlands everything was done legally. He made sure he was legally allowed to own and keep the cat on his property, arranged legal transportation, and the cage was up to snuff.

Within a month or so the community passed a bylaw saying you were not allowed to own or keep exotic pets. Now my question is this seen David did everything legally before this "bylaw" was passed should he have to remove Suzy? I didn't mention what David saved Suzy from becoming but I will now. A rug.

I've been reading into this topic quite a bit in the last few months and one thing i have noticed is how outrageous people are being about this situation.

"It's dangerous and will kill everyone within a 14km range as soon as his owner blinks" - Is a tiger dangerous? Obviously. Is it roaming free at night eating your children? No. Get over it and stop being paranoid. Ask yourself the following: do you smoke? Do you smoke around other people? Have you ever used your cell phone while driving? What about red lights - ever hit the gas instead of the brake?

Really what is stopping people from getting a Velociraptor and keeping that on their property as a pet? Oh wait...they are extinct but that is a minor detail.

As long as this beautiful animal is kept humanely and safely why should it matter if it is in this guys yard. Really it was either this or someone was going to have a rug to lay the ladies down by the fireplace on. Personally I'd like to see Suzy stay in the community and not be crated off to some abusive circus or to another sanctuary to spend the rest of her days. David Bennett seems to have a genuine bond with her and treats her better then you or I could. So let it be.

Further reading CBC and The Times Colonist.