The off days.

Generally I take vacation time for two reasons. Concerts in other cities and going on vacation. This upcoming weekend they are one and the same.

This will be the third time I will have made the trek down to The Gorge or the Sasquatch Music Festival and frankly I cannot wait. For a change this year we are heading down a day before the festival instead of driving through the night which should make it a little bit of a new adventure.

For the first time since 2006 Darryl is coming back on this trip unfortunatly the Delta 88 is dead and we haven't kept in contact with any of the others. But who wants to keep in contact with an ex girlfriend and her friend. As for last years crew none of them are coming the said something about money being tight and a recession but I wasn't paying attention.

This year should be fun though Darryl and Caity are good folks and in a last minute swoop Jeremy Baker is heading down with the family in tow. Jer is also grabbing a friend of mine in Vancouver and they are bombing down through the night after his radio show Friday. Then we will hopefully all camp together and meet up with other Victorians down at the festival.

These are the best kind of vacations they are full of good people, good music, sub par domestic beers, and being away from the home and work for a while. I think once I get down there I can finally relax and not worry about the little things. I can bake during the day, get rained on, and freeze at night. I do love the desert for some reason.

Soon enough I will be up late, up early, and rocking out all day surrounded by the most stunning venue in the world.