Is this it?

or "Under Construction."

I wrote something like this to post earlier, but had a brown out and lost everything.

I've been having trouble lately articulating my ideas for my personal website. Be it designing the concept I want to bring across or implementing something for the web I just can't get it right.  Granted some of my ideas are a little ambitious for my level of designing but I hope one day I will be able to make it work. Someone recommended I try squarespace till I become more comfortable with things and it gives me almost ultimate control over everything.

I'm trying to make some goals for myself when it comes to my writing. I know I won't be an everyday writer at least for a while but I do want to have something new several times a week. I want to write about music and the concerts I go to. Not reviewing it but about the experiences. I plan on writing about food and drink on occasion as I am a bit of a beer snob and enjoy good food. I'd like to start some travel writing even if it is just a day trip over to The Spit or months abroad. I enjoy reading travel writing quite a bit and it was actually one of the things that inspired me to go to Europe for two months.

I also plan on doing something with my photography. I was thinking of maybe doing a gallery/portfolio on here too. I'd also like to be able to throw a photo up when I've got nothing to say, but not to often.

Basically I don't know where my blog/website is going right now. Expect all sorts of changes over the next few months while I'm playing with designs until I do something I'm truly happy with. I know the direction I want to go and I know the direction I don't want to go. So I think that helps a little. Until then here is to ambition, indecision, and poor grammar.