Day 8: A Moment.

Between awake and falling asleep there is a black tarmac that runs nearly everywhere.

This summer I saw a lot of British Columbia from the driver's seat of a pick up truck delivering parts to helicopters fighting forest fires. On one particular trip I drive almost 1000km roughly 14hrs with an over night stay in Williams Lake.

Somewhere between Sidney to Kamloops I got stressed out about the time I was going to make it to Puntzi Lake. And somewhere between Kamloops and Williams Lake while Grand Archives was playing on the stereo I slipped into a moment of Zen. I knew then everything was alright and perfect despite the province between being on fire.

After a restless nights sleep in Williams Lake I headed west early in the morning to Puntzi Lake knowing I had to make a 2pm flight out of Williams Lake later that day. On the Caribou highway I had another perfect moment while driving one of the best roads I’ve ever driven. I was focused and the road was winding, uphill, and scenic.

I can’t describe how it felt I just knew it was a moment I would remember for a long time to come.