Day 5: Night Out.

There have been some great nights out this year. Most of which include concerts or long nights at the pub.

I know I have fond memories of The Bent Mast Orgy 2-5.

I have to say the best night out this year was when Darryl, Shayne, and I went to the Kevin Smith Q&A in Vancouver. We had great seats at The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts (row 3) to be exact.  I have to say I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.  

That sweaty fat guy sure can tell some great stories while in his house coat.

Oh yeah some guy named Tory got naked on stage during the show too.

After the show we grabbed crepes and I offered two passer bys $25 for a couple tickets to The Trews who were performing at one of the Juno tents on Granville. So Shaynebow came in his pants twice that night. I’d have rather seen the Odds but oh well.

That whole weekend was great too. Lots of great Canadian Juno stuff.