Day 31: Resolution.

I’m not going to lie to you and why should I? I think New Year's resolutions are one of the stupidest things we do. We waste our time and energy thinking well maybe this year I’ll put down the fork, I’ll pinch pennies, and lay off the drink. Things we are just as capable doing on April 9th or any other day of the year.

I’ve never made resolutions that take affect as of the first day of the year. Sure I could lose some weight, be a nicer person, and less of a recluse but that burden is on me. I know the only way to make a difference in ones life is to do it yourself and if you have to make some kind of secret pledge with yourself at midnight on the last day of the year so be it. But if you give up five days into the month don’t wait a whole year to try again although that decision is totally up to you.

I think it is time we should focus the energy we waste on these “resolutions” to better the world we live in. Unjust wars, climate change, and the economy among others should be our focus. We should be trying to save the world not just lying on the couch hoping it goes away.

So in 2010 do something to change the world for the better instead of trying to become rich.