Day 29: Laugh.

I’ve already mentioned that the Kevin Smith Q&A was one of the funniest things I’d seen all year so I’ve been struggling to think of something else that was so funny this year.

About a month or so ago Shayne and I were walking around downtown Victoria after a Breakfast for Champions and two guys came running past us. Eventually the younger of the two (guy 2) caught up to the older guy (guy 1) and started wailing on him. Someone tried to break up the fight and also got hit. All of a sudden as the Guy 1 who is walking away a dude bicycle comes ripping up the busy sidewalk and flies Superman style off his bike and punches him in the face.

Then the words come out of my mouth “WHAT THE FUCK!” I turn to Shayne to see if I wasn’t hallucinating and clearly I wasn’t judging by his facial expression. As soon as we get by the fight on the street Shayne gets up on his soapbox and talks about cleansing the world of the homeless population. Something about meat grinders and ovens.

Eventually we end up in a coffee shop unable to breath from laughter as we come up with scenarios were Shayne uses a rock as a hammer and some how ends up on fire.

Not so funny. You had to be there.