Day 28: Stationery.

I’m not going to lie to you best stationery is one of the lamest days of this month long “best of 2009” thing I’m doing.

I love writing on my sheets of yellow ruled paper these days. Sure I love my Moleskine but every hipster and person who writes likes those. They are pricey and they say something.

Look at how cool I am! I’m like the Hemmingway of this Starbucks. Oh wait that girl with a beret, vest, and scarf just pulled one out of her vintage bag I better put mine away and keep typing up that screenplay on my Mac.

Personally I’d love one of those pens that you can write upside down, in space, and underwater with but I’ll settle for a regular Bic.

What makes stationery magical? Nothing until you put something magical on it.