Day 24: Learn.

This year I learned how to service aircraft life jackets, also that it gets cold in the winter the closer to the North Pole you get, and without my beard I look like a giant fat 12 year old boy.

It was when I was at Sasquatch when I discovered that you can’t always give yourself and your time to people. They will drain you for all it’s worth without a thank you leaving you bitter mess.

With this importantly I learned to do things for myself. I’m not a selfish person but I realized if I wanted to do something I had to do it for myself and not anyone else.

Instead of focusing all my time and energy on something for someone else I need to know there is going to be a pay off for me. But I need to see some kind of benefit to it whether it is an experience, credit, money, or something else further down the line that might help me out. It makes me feel like a 1980’s Wall Street business man with Boneitis.

I’ll still drop everything to help a friend or family member that is just in my nature as it is with most people.