Day 23: Web Tool.

Brizzly is obvious choice for web-tool of the year.

Twitter was alright but I was looking for something better. Something that was organized and showed me the entire link instead a link. I was tired of clicking on links and not know what they were and if they were Daves 89% of the time it was gay porn.

That’s when I got an email invite from Jason Permenter.

Soon I was enjoying the use of my two twitter accounts without having to log out and then back in just so I could make a banana joke. I could watch youtube videos that were linked without having to open another page which is always spiffy. I hear you can even manage your bookface on Brizzly.

All they need to do is get rid of the trending topics and I will be happy. I don’t care about the hashtags teenagers are using.

Would you like to start using Brizzly? Direct message me on twitter or @reply me and I’ll see that you get one of my few remaining invites.