Day 21: The Project.

The on going battle of projects keeps struggling on. Writing a pilot is a lot harder then one would think, and new ideas for other projects are always floating in my brain.

The best project of the year was probably at points the most stressful, but the most rewarding.  Jeremy Baker’s Capital Rock City Podcast.

It’s hard to organize and produce a show like this because it was going to be recorded and put on the internet for everyone to hear. Not just the folks who were in the Black Stilt Coffee House that night.

This show made me realize I have some really talented friends. Scott who recorded and mixed the show for us really out did himself and Kathryn who designed up some stellar limited run posters that are now framed on my wall.

Jason Walsh played his first show, Dock hates playing acoustic but did it anyways, Liz and Simon made pretty music, and JP Maurice did his thing.

Check it out here or on itunes and subscribe to it while you’re there as well. Jeremy puts one out weekly and they are always great.