Day 1: Trip

So I’ve decided to participate in a review of the year project hundreds of other bloggers are doing. The idea was forwarded by Rozie who got it from her sister. I plan on doing all 31 on top of other stuff and I’m already a day behind. If you want to do it as well here is the link. Gwen Bell: Best of 2009.

On the Road.

It’s hard to pin down what the best trip of 2009 was.
I didn’t go abroad like I’ve done in previous years although I did go to the fabled Americas a few times. I went on adventures with Rozie and Shaynebow down rivers, to islands, and little places around the island. I also drove all over British Columbia delivering helicopter support gear for fighting forest fires.

I really loved my trip down to Seattle with Darryl in October to see Porcupine Tree. There are fond memories for sure and it was hard to decide if it was my favourite trip this year and I’d have to say no. Sure we ate amazing food, saw the sites, rocked out to one of our favourite bands live at the Moore but it was over shadowed by bad news I got the day before we left.

So I’ve decided the best trip was heading back down to the Gorge in Washington for my third Sasquatch Music Festival. Stunning scenery, amazing music, and radical people make for a fun few days.

Sure there were some rough patches but I know almost every trip has those moments. This year I fell in love with new music all over again and I know it was the same for everyone else I went with too. It isn’t about the $6 Powerades or the lack of showers it is about the music and the journey there.

From the ocean to the mountains and on to the desert with a well put together road trip playlist playing at full volume while flying down the interstate. That is what made this trip this time around. 

That and someone pooping in the shower.