Almost Crimes.

In ten minutes my alarm programmed on my phone will go off. I have been awake for the last hour just laying in bed hoping to fall back asleep.

Remember when you were a kid and you woke up every hour on Christmas Eve hoping Santa had come so you can open your presents? Well that is how my last night was. "Did I miss my alarm? Is it time to get up yet? When can I go to the airport?"

Unfortunately I still have most of a work day before I can leave to check in at YXS to fly back to YYJ (airport speak). So I need to finish packing my bags, turn off the laptop, grab a shower, and blow this fascist popsicle stand.

Also I think this house is haunted. It sounded like someone was here last but I am the only person staying at the crew house.
Now the house is whistling...loudly.