Day 15: Packaging.

I wish The Kraken Media Kit would make its way to my doorstep.

Stolen from thedieline.comIt comes with Kraken tooth, Kraken ink, a log book, a scroll, a feather, movies of the Kraken, and lastly a bottle of The Kraken.

It is some of the coolest packaging I've ever seen. In fact Kraken's whole approach to marketing seems really neat. Several videos on their website telling the tale of how the rum got its name and legends of the very real beast that lives below our oceans.

Unfortunately Kraken Rum is not available in Canada (yet). Leaving me craving this wonderful sounding dark rum. All the reviews I've read on the internet have been positive and because I have a Kraken tattooed to the side of my leg I feel more then qualified to try this rum.

So if you work for Kraken please contact me. I'd love to try and review your Kraken Rum for myself and the world wide web.