Leg Room or Hero Complex?

I arrived at the airport and like most people I went to check in. Both people at the counter were busy so I waited and eavesdropped. Not something I normally do but this one was a little interesting.

There is a man in his late forties talking to the lady at the counter just loud enough so I can hear him.
"Oh, and I need my seat in the emergency exit row. Preferably the window seat."
"I'll see what I can do, sir."
"I really need that seat."
"Here is your ticket, sir. Row 8 Seat A. Window seat in the Emergency Exit row."
"Thank you

This made me wonder what was so important about this seat to this guy. It's just a Dash 8 flying to Vancouver from Victoria. Does the extra 3" of leg room really matter? Or is it that if the plane goes down (which it won't) does he want to be the hero that throws the door off so everyone can escape the aircraft. Making him the hero.

After I got off in Vancouver to board my next flight up north and I noticed the people sitting the emergency exit rows. Two old people who I'm sure as hell couldn't lift that door if an emergency did arise possibly dooming me to a death trapped in a plane.

I knew the old lady sitting in the window seat was there for the extra leg room. She knew that I knew it too as I stared at the back of her head the whole flight to Prince George.

I think the airlines should institute a policy where only people capable of removing and throwing the door should be allowed to sit in the emergency exit row. Because of their ability they will be rewarded with an extra 3" of leg room.