In a Northern Town.

When I saw that it was -35C this morning on the internet I read it as "You are going to freeze to death you fat fuck. Then snowman are going to rape your frozen corpse."

God damn it is cold up here in Prince George. The smell of the mill hangs in the air a little longer then it should. Leaving your nostrils burning with the smell of sour pooped out corn and sawdust.

The cold is different here compared to the island. It's dry. Not damp. You are cold here but not to the bone like back home. The roads are slick and people here know how to drive in the weather.

Yesterday when my plane landed I had to walk from the airport to the base. It's a five minute walk so not so bad. In -29C it is. I had beardsciles by the time I got to the main office. Tomorrow I get paid so maybe i'll swing by Mark's and pick up some long johns. My uppers are warm but the extremities are a little cold when I'm working.

It is weird something I've discovered over my twenty something years of life on this planet is that if you have nothing else to talk about talk about the weather. It really brings people together. With that said I hear there was a snowfall warning in Victoria. You wimps wouldn't last 10 minutes up here (trust me I almost died).