Spaces & Places.

My flight leaves in 3 ½ hours to Prince George and I’m really starting to feel like I haven’t been here all that much lately. In the last week I’ve been to Vancouver twice as well as a trip to Port Alberni.

When I’m at home I feel like I’m trying to get out of here more often just to get out of my head. Lately I’ve had some big things on my mind about family stuff, growing up, and directions. So I go out for some fresh air. It helps. I’m sure exercise would too at this point.

Conversation and coffee are helpful to get out of my head as well. If that’s all I get for now I’ll settle for it because you can only talk to yourself for so long. I need to get the ball rolling on things but I haven’t really yet. I’m the only person I can blame for that.

Writing is getting done now I just need to find some money.