Day 13: Household Change.

What did I change around my place in 2009 that made life way better?

There isn’t much to change around here I’m pretty settled in. I finally unpacked all my stuff and threw away a bunch of crap (It’s been over a year and a half I’ve lived here). There were two instances where water decided to make its way into my place so having the floors and walls resealed was a big change. Also having the carpets cleaned to get that lovely mold out was a nice big change. God I hate water and its ability to find its way in through all the little cracks in the foundation.

Personally though the big change that made life a little more livable in my place was actually sitting down to organize all my records, cds, dvds, and books. It makes life easier when I can find what I’m looking for. Also framing a schwack of my show posters made me feel a little more grown up. All I have to do is frame some of the show posters from the concerts I put on.

Maybe I’ll change something when I get back from Prince George.